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Welcome to Strata Community Energy

SCE are advocates for Owners Corporations, with the aim of cutting power costs and saving you money by utilising renewable energy.

Strata Community Energy what we do

What we do

SCE provide a completely bespoke solution based on your building’s unique power needs.

We are proud of our goal to be part of a social revolution that will awaken the sleeping giant of renewable energy, but that’s in part because green solutions save money and add value to your building that will carry over decades into the future.

Who we work with

By leveraging bulk deals with energy suppliers, our aim is to provide Owners Corporations with savings – which could be worth tens of thousands of dollars every year – on common property power bills.

  • Strata Committee Members

    Being a Committee member can be a thankless task, so we want to make things that little bit easier. We’ll get you the best deal on your power, help future-proof your building, and bring an end to bill shock – all while doing the right thing by the environment.

  • Strata Managers (NSW & VIC)

    Managing a building means a Strata Manager’s job is never done, so SCE aims to alleviate some of the stress.

    Whatever part of SCE’s offerings you decide to take up, we will manage the entire process from end to end, ensuring a stress-free partnership that saves the building money and the Strata Manager time, including all contracting, insurance and warranty requirements.

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Download our guide

For a full overview of all our services and offerings, as well as a more in-depth introduction to our team, click here to download our guide.