About Strata Community Energy

About us

SCE’s team brings together years of experience in procurement, green energy installation and strata law. It’s the perfect mix to see apartment dwellers receive the service – and the savings – they deserve.

James Kempthorne

James Kempthorne

Chief Executive Officer

With over a decade of experience overseeing procurement and sales, with an emphasis on sourcing power plans and managing upgrades to homes’ energy efficiencies, the seed for SCE was sown in James’ mind long ago.

Nurturing the seed’s growth was the fact he’s a keen lover of sailing, fishing and diving. Seeing the destruction we were causing the ocean made James realise we needed to do more to look after our planet if we wanted to leave anything for our children and grandchildren.

But what really caused SCE to sprout was James’ first-hand experiences with the obstacles that can come with owning an apartment.

“A lot of people using not much land should be the most energy efficient way to live,” James says.

“But my growing frustration with the inefficiencies that led to exorbitant strata fees eventually forced me to sell up.”

With this realisation, SCE began to flourish and James is now committed to ensuring Owners Corporations receive the service – and the savings – they deserve.

Tom Bacon

Tom Bacon


Tom and his specialist team at Strata Title Lawyers will ensure that the agreements with suppliers and importers of the solar panels and lithium ion batteries are iron-clad, so that Owners Corporations have total confidence in ordering through SCE.