At Strata Community Energy, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. In this blog post we answer the most common questions asked about renewable energy, and how buildings can benefit from engaging us as a procurement consultant to help them find the best solution for their specific needs

Why choose Strata Community Energy?

  • We are a dedicated energy consultancy that only services strata buildings in New South Wales and Victoria. We know the strata industry intimately, and our expertise in the strata industry is unrivalled.
  • We don’t provide services to businesses or individual consumers. We focus on finding costs savings for the common property electricity accounts.

How do we save you money?

  • Strata Community Energy takes a holistic approach to finding costs savings in your building. We do this by crunching the data on your current electricity bills, and run a competitive Request for Tender (RFT) process with energy retailer partners to find a better deal for the building. Unlike our competitors, we also research the building’s ability to install rooftop solar panels and battery technology From all this, we are in a position to design an all-encompassing total building solution that will slash the building’s energy costs and dramatically reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Our competitors make extra money by contracting out the meter reading service and charging ambiguous administrative charges, and they bury these extra costs in the fine print. We don’t do that, and in some cases we’ll recommend the installation of digital ‘smart’ meters which means a meter reader will never need to attend your building, and you won’t get charged via a complicated algorithm designed in the energy company’s favour.
  • We don’t use a digital platform or a smartphone app to compare energy retailers. Strata building often find themselves squeezed between two markets – ‘residential’ and ‘small to medium enterprise.’ We compare both, and work with energy retail partners to find the best mix and structure the best deal possible.

We are just a small strata building with less than 20 units. How do we get involved in these cost saving measures?

  • For certain smaller strata buildings, we’ll run an RFT for these buildings as a collective group account. By structuring it this way, these smaller buildings are able to gain access to a much more competitive rate than if they attempted to negotiate privately with the energy retailers.

Has the cost of electricity actually gone up, or are we just getting ripped off?

  • Since 2008, electricity prices in Australia have risen by 117%. While we expect the market to settle over the coming ten to fifteen years, we certainly do not expect that electricity bills will drop down to the levels of what was being charged even 2 or 3 years ago. The truth is that electricity companies benefit from customer inertia. Our advice to our customers is to let us negotiate hard on your behalf to find the most competitive deals possible.

How do we keep up with the best deals and make decisions on new renewable technologies?

  • We want to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with our customers. The energy market in Australia is undertaking seismic shifts, and there is growing disquiet amongst politicians and voters about the way the electricity market is structured, and consumers are concerned about high profits and gouging.
  • The strata market is largely exposed to these pressures, and the strata market is viewed by the electricity industry as a largely apathetic and stable client base. We don’t share that view, and will advocate for our customers to compare prices often and to keep abreast of new technologies to reduce electricity consumption. Our promise is to keep you informed, and to be proactive at all times to continually find you ways to save costs.

Keen to find out how Strata Community Energy could help your building switch to renewable energy, and potentially save costs? Get in touch with the team here.